March 1st is now June 1st. Time has gone on its inexorable passage and now it is finally Summer. So a few updates:

I got Track Talk off the ground back in March, but now it is time to revive it again. I need to revamp the system so that I can start with commentary on the upcoming cross country season, which will prove to be a very exciting one indeed. There will be much talk about the incoming freshmen and the much awaited Hawaii trip in September.

As for training, I’ve started double days now. Nothing less than 80 miles a week. If I want to be among the best, I have to train like the best. I will start training with the team in fall because I have to take my history summer course in the morning.

Math. I’m starting to pick up on math again, with my AwesomeMath Summer Camp coming up soon. I am very excited for the camp because it will be a great social and learning experience.

Now, a discovery. I came up with a small formula for running, which is based off of D = RT.

D = Sn, where D is the distance, S is one’s stride length, and n is the number of strides taken.

So I think even though this equation is derivative, it is important because runners can realize that there is an inverse relationship between stride length and the number of strides taken. As for me, I realize that by this equation I will also have to lengthen my stride in order to conserve energy.

In addition to the equation above, I’m trying to develop another one about stride frequency, so don’t go anywhere.

There will be more to follow.

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