It’s been a while, and I can say that I’m enjoying my summer amidst my dense schedule. After a relaxing weekend in Pasadena and Solvang, I’m off to UC Santa Cruz for three weeks for a highly-anticipated math camp called AwesomeMath. I’ll hone my skills in mathematics and hopefully see a great improvement in my problem-solving techniques.

As for summer training, I’ve been keeping tabs on my double days and taking care of my body as well. I’ve also come up with an initiative to donate used training shoes – but that will be on hold for a little bit.

Other than my main two focuses, I also enjoyed my summer course in United States History. My teacher, Steve Smith, engaged my classmates and me in a packed six week curriculum. Even as the course has ended, my interest in the subject continues. I read articles about the political spectrum and current events to stay in line with our universe. It’s a new hobby of mine too!

Take care, and I’ll see you guys in August!

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