As I go into my final year of high school, I step back and consider where I’d like to go in life.

I’ve loved math since way back, and I retain that passion. I would like to continue to hold an affinity towards the purest realm of logic and reason.

As I’ve matured however, I discovered that I’d liked to have my math do something for the world, to have a sort of tangible impact. I realized that I wanted math and science to have an application.

I picked up much more computer science in my junior year during class. I enjoyed the applications of the various data structures, the cross-applications of mathematics and Occam’s Razor allowing for concise code to produce wonderful results.

I’ve taken all of this into consideration and decided to go into engineering. Engineering concentrates all my hobbies and skills into a single discipline, which leads me to believe that I will enjoy working in the respective field. I believe that as an engineer, I can use my toolbox of problem solving strategies to help address different concerns on a much grander scale.

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