I recently took the 2013 AMC 12A. I scored 117, which I think is a healthy score for my index. My goal is to build on top of this success in the 12B, and to score maybe a 125+. I think I have momentum with me now, and I’m excited to tackle other things as well – including my track and field training – with greater enthusiasm.

Looking forward to the AIME, I think I’ll need around a 10 to put me in fair contention for USAMO selection. I’m not intimidated by the wordy jargon of the questions anymore, and this courage helps me tackle more problems than before. I’ve been carrying around a practice AIME with me wherever I go, and my mind is constantly trying to click the cogs and gears together, to find that elusive combination to the safe that is the magical 3-digit number.

Additionally, track practices are beginning to pick up. My coach, Jake, is placing major emphasis on tempo, form, and intervals. I believe these principles will prove to be the major factors in determining the success of this season, and I plan on taking his words to heart. I’m going to devote my energy into every 200 and 400, into every mile so that I can become the best runner that I can strive to be.

It’s only about a week and a half until the 12B and a little over two weeks until my first race, so it’s all systems go from this point on.

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