March Madness

So I’m thinking of releasing weekly podcasts detailing an insider’s look into the Viking Track Team. It’s going to be called “Track Talk,” and it’s for “when you have a knack for track.”The pilot episode will be released today.

As for my performance lately in track meets, I think I’m a little off from where I wanted to be at the beginning of the season. I’m trying to rethink my goals, redress my pre-race routine, and even take on a healthier diet and dining regimen sometime soon. Hopefully with these changes I can notch a couple of clutch PRs before the regular season ends.

The AIME is creeping around the corner, and I’m preparing as hard as I can. It’s quite difficult to train for the three-hour mental struggle on Thursday, because I’m not sure what to expect of the AIME. In fact, the AIME and the AMCs are created by different communities, which is what makes both of the exams so unpredictable. However, I think with some brushing-off of the basics should help me be more limber for Thursday’s mental marathon.

As a sidenote, Thursday’s going to be crazy – the AIME in the morning, a meet in the afternoon, and another episode of Track Talk! All that being said, I think I’ll be okay.

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