Eight More Laps

I’ve been focusing on the 3200m in track lately, running at the Serra Top 7 Invite and the CCS Top 8 Classic.

I went into Serra knowing that I had to shave at least 10 seconds off of my time. I had run 10:19.03 at the Paly dual two days earlier with a 5:04 lead split, so I knew that a PR was within my reach. I felt great at the start, opening with a 4:58. After the 5th lap though, I started dropping from 75s to 77s. I managed to eke a 73.1 for my last lap, finishing at 10:02.57, a solid PR. Looking back though, I really hoped that I had pushed harder on the second mile, maybe as to even break 10. I was very happy with myself though because I knew I had barely qualified for the CCS top 8 meet on Friday.

I had been looking forward to running under the lights at top 8 for a while. I was feeling alright until I began to toe the start line. That’s the thing about track… you never know how you’re going to feel until you actually start run. So I opened with a 71 but was starting to fallback into the chase pack. I started feeling some twinges near the end of the second lap, which was 75ish. The third lap was the breaker though – at that point I started feeling some cramps in my lower abdomen. I dropped down to 77s at that point. Even though I passed the first mile in a high 4:59, I knew I couldn’t keep it up. I hobbled around the track for the next four laps and finished at 10:13.

I was really hoping that I would hit low 9:50s at the meet, but it never happened. All is not over though, I still have DAL league finals at home. I’m looking forward to breaking 10 at Lynbrook, because it would make the PR that much more special. Additionally, I know that if I run a good time, I can qualify for CCS quarterfinals / SCVALs – a heavy incentive to perform well that day. If I do make it farther than SCVAL, I want to hit 9:40 at least in the 3200m.

Even though I tasted disappointment again at top 8, I know it isn’t the end of the road for me. I still have lots of chances left, for which I am grateful. A bad race only heightens my enthusiasm. I’m ready to move forward and make a bigger impact in my final seasons. I really would like to break the 9 minute barrier in the 3200m next year, because it would not only prove that I have the endurance, but that I have a strong will to improve and become a better person overall. I’ve already cut down 55 seconds in the 3200m, so I think I can cut another minute if I put my mind to it.

I’m not arbitrarily setting the bar high here, I’m putting it up there because I know I can reach it if I try. I will approach every mile of my training with greater fervor and enthusiasm every day.

Now only if I could channel this enthusiasm into studying for the SAT…

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